Introducing the Tipsy-Bin 

This newly designed meal bin solves all the problems which exist with the current meal bins on the market. 

The innovative new design eliminates waste and contaminated feed  by allowing the user to easily tip the bin over which lowers the entry point. This makes it possible to reach the bottom of the bin so that it can be completely emptied. This also reduces the risk of back injury as there is no need to overstretch to reach the feed. There is a flat surface incorporated into the bin to allow a bucket or scoop to work without the hindrance of ribs. Washing the bin out is a simple and easy job as there is a large drain hole to allow the water drain away. 

The Tipsy Bin can be transported using a tractor with bale handler, a forklift or loader and fits into a standard 8x4 builders’ trailer.

SALES CONTACT: For more information please call Michael on 087 6624582.

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