Medium 120L Storage Box

Manfactured from High Density Polyethylene these storage boxes are extremely robust and are highly impact resistant. There is a family of 3 boxes ranging in size from 90 litres to 240 litres. They are designed to be modular, and they stack and interlock into each other. The lid is a double wall structure and has a non-slip surface to stand on. The clasps which keep the lid closed are lockable with a small padlock. The lid is recessed to allow for the use of a rachet strap to tie them down if required.

€160 (including VAT)


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  • 60cm x 50cm x 40cm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Highly impact-resistant tool case
  • Case manufactured from HDPE
  • Stackable/modular
  • Locking handles prepared for padlock
  • Integrated handles
  • Non-slip top surface (to stand on)
  • 10-year guarantee on the plastic parts
  • Splash proof


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