Tipsy Bin

Our new and innovative plastic 700Kg Meal Bin is designed to make it easier for the user to access the feed and reduces the risk of back injury/strain.

This lightweight and hygienic feed bin is easier to clean and has a built-in flat area for the feed to be collected on, reducing the danger of old feed being left in the bin, which could contaminate fresh feed. When the feed level drops to a level that is harder to reach, the bin can be safely and easily tipped to allow easy access to the bottom of the bin.

€345 (including VAT)


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Capacity :  1 m³ / 1,000 L     
Weight:  48 kg  

* Manufactured from high grade medium density polyethylene with ultraviolet stabilisation for protection against sunlight.
* Bale handler / Forklift pockets for ease of transportation.
* It can be easily tipped over to access feed easily when feed level is low.
* Drainage hole for water release when cleaning

The bins volume is one cubic meter so it will hold approx. 700kgs, of feedstuff depending on the bulk density of the feedstuff being used. Empty weight, bin and lid is 48kgs. It is manufactured using premium grade materials and is extremely strong and robust.  It is designed to fit on a tractor using a bale lifter, a forklift or in a standard 8x4 foot builders trailer. The bin is designed to tip over to allow access to the feed in the bottom as it empties. There is also a flat area without ribs to work off when scooping out the meal. Its is easy to wash out the bin as it is as simple as turning it upside down and letting the water out the drainage hole.


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